Welcome to PalyPal Games!

Hello and welcome to PalyPal Games, the official website! We hope you enjoy your stay because we want you to buy our games! Haha only joking, all of our games are FREE! (Isn’t that nice of us?)

As we have only just started this small company it will take time for our games to be developed and for this site to become full of free games for you. So be patient! We put time and effort into all of our projects and we will allow you lovely people to test our BETAs (to keep you occupied!) When we release our BETAs we would like to hear from you guys in the gaming community; tell us any flaws we have made e.g. bugs, glitches etc. so that we can correct them and finish our super awesome games!

Our games will be available for:

  • PC
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • Home consoles (later in life)
  • SMART phones and tablets