The first game that we are currently developing is BEN which has been inspired by the game “Slender” and the Creepy Pasta video “BEN Drowned”.


This game takes place in Clock Town from Majora’s Mask, which is set 5 years after the skull kid incident. Link comes back to Clock Town after having a message sent to him telling him to return. When he arrives he realises that the town is dead; no one is there and everything is run down like a ghost town.  Link wonders why he has been called there and he has a very bad feeling… like someone or something is watching him… but what could it be?


In Clock Town the player must find 8 masks that the Happy Mask Salesman used to own. After collecting the first mask an entity begins to follow you (like in “Slender”). The entity is none other than the Elegy of Emptiness, the creepy statue commonly known as BEN from Creepy Pastas story “BEN Drowned”. Can you collect all 8 masks and survive without being caught?

Current Development:

We are still in early stages of completing this game, it could take up to another 6 months for us to complete but we will allow you guys to play our BETA as soon as one is ready to be released so that you don’t get bored!




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